The Once Bitten… Film Festival Fee Fundraiser has begun!

Once Bitten... Film Festival Fee Fundraiser

The Once Bitten… Film Festival Fee Fundraiser has begun!

Once Bitten… tells the story of Martha Swales. One stormy night Martha needs the toilet fixed in her hotel bathroom but there’s one problem: her plumber may just be a vampire!

We have a fabulous cast: Martha Swales is played by Lauren Ashley Carter, we have Garth Maunders as Dredvoka and the inimitable Sir Dickie Benson as himself

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Why do we need your help?

We aren’t asking for help to make Once Bitten…. We filmed last year and are now deep into post-production and on course to be finished from the end of June.

However like most independent films Once Bitten… was shot on a micro-budget and every penny spent is up there on the screen. But a film isn’t anything without an audience to see it and that’s where we need your help.

We want to get Once Bitten… to as many film festivals as possible so that we can bring our film to a screen near you. Unfortunately, festival submission fees quickly add up so that’s where we are asking for your help to raise funds for festival submission fees. In addition to our eternal thanks for your support we have some very special perks to offer you as well!

We are offering you the chance to own props from the film, including items signed by the cast and even to have your name in the credits of Once Bitten… We will be announcing more perks over the coming weeks as well!

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What will we do with your support?

We won’t be taking a penny of any money raised for our time. All of the proceeds raised by the crowd funder will go on festival submission fees and associated costs. We are also having a poster designed by the awesome Uncle Frank Productions to accompany Once Bitten… on its festival world tour and will be offering copies as rewards for our supporters.

We know that times are hard for many people and that there are lots of great projects asking for and deserving of your support. But even just sharing our messages on social media, linking to our website and spreading the word about Once Bitten… wherever and whenever you can is a huge help and we are truly grateful for all of your support however big or small.

Join Team Once Bitten…!

Making Once Bitten… has been a fabulous journey so far and we would love for you to join Team Once Bitten… as we take the film out into the world.

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Thank you for taking the time to find out more about Once Bitten…. we hope to see you at a screening near you soon!