Once Bitten… needs you – 3 days to go!

Poster design for Grimmfest 2016 featuring Lauren Ashley Carter and Garth Maunders

There are now only three days until we start our Film Festival Fee Fund crowd funding campaign and today we have two big announcements to make!

Firstly we are excited and honoured to announce that the Once Bitten… poster is being designed by the supremely talented Ilan Sheady from Uncle Frank Productions. We have seen the early design and it is going to look absolutely stunning! To give you a taste of what is to come the image above is the fabulous poster that Ilan designed for Manchester’s Grimmfest Festival in 2016.

Fun fact: the Grimmfest 2016 poster features Once Bitten’s lead actors Lauren Ashley Carter and Garth Maunders front and centre yet the two had not met until they were on our set at A4 Studios!

We can’t wait to share the final Once Bitten… poster design with you and know that as soon as you see it you will want one for your wall! So our second big announcement is that we will be having a run of posters printed and made available as one of the rewards for our crowd funder supporters.

And watch this space as we are hoping to be able to offer a very limited number of exclusive signed posters as well!

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Like most independent films Once Bitten… was shot on a micro-budget and every penny spent is up there on the screen. We know that times are hard for many people and that there are lots of great projects asking for and deserving of your support. But even just sharing our messages on social media, linking to our website and spreading the word about Once Bitten… wherever and whenever you can is a huge help and we are truly grateful for all of your support, thank you!