Making a film and taking it out to the world is always a team effort. You can find out more about the cast and crew elsewhere but Once Bitten… wouldn’t be heading out into the world without the fabulous people who have supported our Film Festival Fundraiser crowdfunding campaign. In addition to thanking you all on social media (and sending out your perks!) we wanted to have a permanent record of our appreciation for your generosity.

We also wanted to thank the companies which helped us with equipment, discounts and generally making it possible to shoot Once Bitten… on the smallest of micro budgets. You can find out more about each company by clicking on their logo.

Thank you all so, so much. We really couldn’t have done it without you. You are all part of #TeamOnceBitten…!

  • Matthew Carson
  • Josh Nelson
  • Charles Patrick Gomes
  • Mallory Logan
  • Ward Welch
  • Caleb Wooten
  • Bryan & Mary Tomkies
  • Melanie Taylor
  • Mystery Donor
  • Norma Bell
  • Kate Furler
  • Jason McFiggins
  • Lonnie Blake
  • MissMelevil
  • Carlos “Losman” Diaz
  • Kevin T Rogers


  • Uncle Frank
  • Hollie Satterfield
  • Peter Hearn
  • Heidi Musset
  • John Katsoulieri
  • Bianca Smith
  • John Lockwood